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Candle in Hands


When a person is faced with a terminal diagnosis, there is a swing of emotions. People start to search for ways to cope with the idea of death and what that means for themselves and their families. I have often found that the dying reaches a place of acceptance long before family members and caregivers. When the dying reaches acceptance first, the family is sometimes faced with denial of their own and having a trained professional to guide the process can aid in this process.

Hiring a doula is a fantastic way to honor the wishes of the loved ones, help and guide the family into a safe place to honor the wishes of the dying with compassion, and assist hospice and medical staff along the way. There are many different spiritual traditions, letters, videos, legal aspects, and wishes for the physical setting of the place of death and who should attend.

My training includes medically assisted death and voluntary stopping eating and drinking, and I have helped with sedation and natural death. Every aspect of my training will be used to make sure that this process honors your loved one and guides the family through this difficult time.

We have a range of packages available and even help in locating the right caregivers for your loved ones, we also have a network of Doctors and Nurses who have gained our trust. Often people prefer to handle all their matters before they pass on and we strive to have the best referral network from law firms, real estate, auctions, movers, funeral arrangements and being a point of contact for family and friends, handling death certificates with creditors, to help with this process. We keep appointments in an online calendar portal so you can see all your matters in one space.

Hospice and family members often cannot be bedside during the dying process, and a doula’s primary function is to prepare the dying and alert the family. After death, we help with any plans for the burial, notifications, vigils, and compassionate caring for the family members.

 You should be there in the most important times and your loved one can rest assured that we handle these matters. In these hard times we want to be the resource for you so that you can say goodbye in a way that honors your loved one. 

End-of-Life Doula: About Me
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