Elder Care Consultant

Guidance & Inspiration

Are you frustrated with the service you are finding in local care agencies? Are you struggling to find all of the local resources necessary to meet the needs of your elderly parent in order to keep them in their home or find their daily needs are not being met at their living facility?

We are a group of care providers who do this every day for a living. You may only have to travel this path one time in your life, we do this every day. 

Let us help guide you through the process of care. We watched too many people trying to search for answers to the same questions, so we created a service to provide those answers. We have a network of people we refer to from in-home nurses, recruiting the right caregivers, to at home IV therapy and tele-doctors.

If you need help with how to hire good caregivers, my background in healthcare as well as law can help structure and guide on which background checks and what to look for as far as credentials. We even have agencies we work well with to ease that burden. 

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Foggy Waters